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WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Shared Stock & Variable Quantities (Lite Version)

WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Shared Stock & Variable Quantities (Lite Version)


WooCommerce Attribute Stock gives your stock superpowers by allowing you to share inventories between multiple products/variations, or deduct different amounts of stock for each purchase of a product, variation, or attribute.

Easily track and manage shared stock, variable quantities, product addons, combo packs, measurements, components, and much more!

This is a free LITE version for testing and limited use. Most importantly, it does not affect frontend product stock or prevent over-purchasing. It can however be used to track internal attribute stock. For all features listed below, you can purchase the full version here.

What problem does Attribute Stock solve?

If you’ve used WooCommerce for a little while, you know its stock capabilities are quite limited. Each product or product variation can have a stock quantity and that’s about it. Essentially your products are your stock items.

This works fine when you’re selling simple products, but as soon as you need to do things like share stock between multiple products, or deduct variable amounts of stock quantities per sale, you’re out of luck.

How does Attribute Stock solve this?

Attribute Stock extends WooCommerce’s stock functionality by adding a few essential features like stock items that are separate from your product listings, allowing them to be used across multiple products. And stock multipliers that let you specify how much stock to deduct for each purchase of a product, variation, attribute term, or stock item.

With these tools at your disposal you can create all kinds of interesting and bespoke stock setups to suit your range of products, no matter how complex they are.

✨ Plugin Features

Attribute-based Stock
Manage stock at the attribute level. Share stock between all products/variations with one or more attributes.

Variable Stock
Deduct different quantities of product stock or attribute stock per sale with stock multipliers. Useful for measurements, weights, packs, etc.

Stock Management
Admin dashboard for easy management of attribute stock items. Set SKUs, stock images, product filters, and more.

Powerful Customization
Extensive flexibility to set up virtually any type of stock configuration using match rules, product filters, component stock, and more.

„Any” Variations
Use simple variations for your products. Stock will be accurately tracked without the need to specify every combination of attribute term options.

CSV Import/Export
Instantly export your attribute stock to CSV. Add or update stock in your favorite spreadsheet editor, then import your changes with a single click.

REST API & Webhooks
Manage your attribute stock from external software with our fully integrated WooCommerce REST API endpoint and webhook topics.

Highly Compatible
Plays well with most plugins, such as Variation Swatches, POS systems, Subscriptions, Product Bundles, Waitlists, Cart Stock Reducer, WP-Lister, WPML, Polylang, and more.

Developer Friendly
Almost anything that can’t already be configured can be added or changed with powerful actions and filters.

* Please note that WordPress Multisite and multi-store synchronization is not currently supported or planned.

🧩 Usage Examples

Example #1 – Variable Stock (Demo)

Let’s say you sell tea in packs of different weights. You can simply set your total tea stock at the product level and specify a stock multiplier on each product variation. The respective amount will be deducted from your total stock for each purchase. If you need to share variable stock across more than one product listing, you can use attribute stock items instead.

Example #2 – Multiple Attributes (Demo)

Often your stock will have more than one attribute, such as t-shirts with different sizes and colors. In this case it’s trivial to create attribute stock items with rules to match any combination of attributes across any number of products.

Example #3 – Product Bundles (Demo)

Sometimes you’ll want to sell several individual products as well as a bundle of these products for a discount. Since attributes can be added to products as variation or non-variation attributes, you can easily create stock items that are shared between all types of products.

Example #4 – Component Stock (Demo)

In some cases you might need to track stock items made from other stock items. For example, let’s say you design and sell hand-painted candles. By setting your plain candle stock as a component of your painted candle stock, you can track and sell each separately while allowing your painted candles to use the additional stock quantity of your plain candles.

Component stock is a powerful feature that can be used for many other advanced stock requirements such as batches and even stock from multiple suppliers. Learn more about how it works in our documentation below.

📖 Documentation

Want to learn more about WooCommerce Attribute Stock? Head over to the online documentation.

Be sure to look through the FAQ & Troubleshooting section if you’re running into any issues.



Download the plugin and upload it to your site via PluginsAdd NewUpload Plugin.

Alternatively, unzip the plugin ZIP file and upload the resulting folder to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Don’t forget to activate it through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

⭐ Upgrading to the Full Version

Installing the full version will deactivate the lite version. You can safely uninstall the lite version before or after installing the full version. Your attribute stock data will not be deleted.


Do you offer customer support?

Email support is offered via CodeCanyon after purchasing the full version. We will also respond to questions on the WordPress support forum, but response time may be delayed.

How can I get the full version?

The full version is available to purchase on CodeCanyon.


2024.07.02. 1 reply
PerfectThis plugin fulfills exactly the purposes it is supposed to fulfill. It is very user-friendly and therefore also suitable for people who do not know how to program. However, I must say that the support is on a completely different level. Honestly, I have never found better support. I am amazed and happy. Thank you very much for your help.Für meine Landsleute nochmal auf deutsch:Dieses Plugin erfüllt genau die Zwecke, die es erfüllen soll. Es ist sehr benutzerfreundlich und somit auch für Personen geeignet, die sich mit dem programmieren nicht auskennen. Ich muss jedoch sagen, dass der Support auf einem ganz anderen Level ist. Einen besseren habe ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie gefunden. Ich bin erstaunt und glücklich. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.
2024.06.26. 1 reply
WooCommerce Attribute Stock is a caps-lock-deserving BRILLIANT plugin with so much room for customization! We needed a solution for keepeng stock qtys of a t-shirt collection and it works great for tracking both textile qtys and design qtys. You can match and assosiate all sorts of attributes to create your products. It is seemlesly incorporated with the WooCommerce interface and it is just so easy to set up and manage. The WooCommerce Attribute Stock support is awsome too. They respond ASAP with the best solutions for the problem at hand!
2024.06.25. 1 reply
If you’re in need of linking variations so they have tied quantity, look no further. This plugin is very flexible and has tons of options to make it work for nearly any use case. Unfortunately, this free (lite) version doesn’t fully show you everything (plugin settings for instance) and it doesn’t do everything (won’t actually change qty anywhere) so you may have a bit of a struggle to know if it will work for you or not (I did). But use the demos (very helpful) and reach out to the dev if you’re stuck, they were very quick to respond when I was having some questions. Ultimately in the end, you’ll most likely need the paid version but it is definitely worth it – as said earlier, if you need to link variations to a specific quantity, this will do that no problem (and with a clean non-serialized CSV export/import it’s not very difficult to add links and update qty – yay!). What it says on the tin is exactly what you get. Thanks for the great plugin @mewz !
2024.05.23. 1 reply
This is one of those VERY useful plugins, that you wish to support so they don’t get discontinued. It does exactly what it promises and I failed to find any bugs or downsides using it. It is even compatible with „Back In Stock Notifier for WooCommerce” and many other stock-related plugins, which means it is clean written to work with original WooCommerce functionalities, and not just blindly hard-coded in any shape or form. I bought the premium one and it is worth every single penny. Shoutout to Saul from the support, who answered all my questions very promptly, before I made the decision. Thank you!
2024.04.11. 1 reply
Bought the premium version. Works as intended and documentation is very clear.Note: You have to disable the lite version before activating the premium one.Support was very quick to return to my email and provide necessary info.
2023.02.21. 1 reply
Powerful plugin and the best support in the world! <3 Saul (plugin developer) is an incredibly helpful guy. The plugin is very well thought out and works great. I love it!
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Változási napló

2.0.2 (2024-06-30)

  • Fixed a bug with product stock multiplier checking when adding to cart in certain cases.
  • Fixed some stock validation bugs when using cart/checkout blocks.
  • Fixed stock item match rules being initially focused on page load.

2.0.1 (2024-06-27)

  • Fixed „any” attributes not showing in admin stock list.
  • Fixed match rules not showing attribute terms with different sort orders.
  • Fixed incorrect type on REST API ‘components’ parameter.
  • Fixed bugs related to WPML compatibility.
  • Fixed $wp_roles not being set in some cases.
  • Renamed „pill” UI components to avoid malicious code detection on some hosts.

2.0.0 (2024-06-23)

This is a major release! Please ensure you have a backup of your site before upgrading. If you have any custom code or integrations with Attribute Stock, you should upgrade on a staging site and test that they still work correctly.

  • New documentation site.
  • New attribute term multipliers feature.
  • New stock components feature.
  • New stock images feature.
  • Many UI/UX, performance and other improvements.
  • WooCommerce 9.0 compatibility.
  • WordPress 5.4 / PHP 7.4 minimum requirement.

See version 1 changelog