Aspose.Words Exporter


Aspose.Words Exporter allows WordPress site administrators to export post contents to Microsoft Word DOCX, DOC and ODT documents. This module demonstrates very powerful Export feature provided by Aspose.Words Cloud. It adds a simple bulk action in the drop down Export to DOCX and as soon as the bulk action is called, it exports all selected posts to Microsoft Word (DOCX/DOC/ODT) documents.

What’s New

  • Free and unlimited Access to API.
  • Get started with one click only.
  • Automatic and secure self-configuration. No need to Sign In or Sign Up on website.
  • Adds announcement bar on Admin pages when FREE access is not enabled.
  • Better error handling


  • Enable FREE and Unlimited Access
  • Subscription
  • Export using Bulk Actions


  1. Install the plugin into your WordPress website as usual.
  2. Click Enable Free and Unlimited Access. No Sign Up required.


  1. Officially supported versions of WordPress (5.3 and above).
  2. Officially supported versions of PHP (7.2, 7.3 and 7.4).


Do I need to Sign Up on


How many posts can I export. Are there any limits

You can export unlimited number of posts and pages for free. There are no restrictions and limits.

What is App SID? What should I know about it?

App SID is a unique identifier associated with your WordPress website. Our support staff may need it to diagnose issues on your website, if any. You can find it on plugin settings page.


Our client needed all texts from his WP website in a Microsoft Word document. This plug-in does exactly that. It works with very little configuration, and the resulting Word document is clean and well structured. I frankly don't understand why there are so many negative reviews for this plug-in. Not only does it a good job, its the only plug-in which provides a Word export for WordPress as far as I know. I tried exporting in a WP-XML or CSV file first, but the result was not even close to this. For me, this plug-in is a great timesaver, and I appreciate that it's even free.
I was kind of surprised after reading the most recent reviews, but this plugin was exactly what I needed today. I exported 350 pages and posts to Word files in a matter of minutes. When I first installed it, I went to export a page and got an error message, but then I went to the plugin settings and let it sign me up for the Aspose API and after that everything worked. Well, not quite everything worked — I wasn't able to get multiple pages to download as a ZIP file. I was able to get multiple pages to download as a single Word file, however, and that was good enough for me. Frankly, I'm just happy it worked at all.
after signing up it actually worked. But the result looks like shIIt. You are better off just copying and pasting into google docs.
I installed & set up account fine, but when it came to doing exports, I had three significant problems: 1. It crashed my server without any notification of why it did this. 2. I downloaded a bunch of files but the files were partially incomplete and badly formatted. 3. Lastly, it wasn't clear that the plugin requires payment to work. It is a SAAS... so it is not standalone by any means. There is enough to test the system (150 credits) but anything more than that you have to pay $99.00 minimum (PER MONTH)... I find the developer a little shifty in this regard. Didn't mention clearly it's essentially a paid app, didn't mention clearly how much until I had to go find out, didn't mention that it is a regular payment clearly either. One star now. In short, not my ideal choice. I'm afraid I deleted it. I wouldn't consider using it again. Sorry, but no. Note to developer: could be a really useful app... but you need to inform your users clearly about usage/pricing terms. This is not just a courtesy. It's a necessity.
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Változási napló


  • This is the first version


  • Downloading of the exported file will start immediately after converting from Aspose.Cloud.


  • Plugin supports multi language export now.


  • Bug fixes


  • Provide option to include Post categories in the exported Word document.


  • Fixed undefined constant: WPBMap and undefined offset: 3 error.


  • Upgraded to latest Aspose.Cloud REST API.
  • Better error handling.
  • Bug fix: Exported document is empty.
  • Bug fix: Exported archive is damaged.
  • Bug fix: Cannot open file.
  • Bug fix: Empty white page.


  • Add support to export Pages.
  • Add support to export custom defined post types.
  • Improved exception handling for invalid App SID or App Key.
  • Improved behaviour when plugin is used with improper configuration.
  • Export multiple posts to a single document file.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Code refactoring.


  • Free and unlimited Access to API.
  • Get started with one click only.
  • Automatic and secure self-configuration. No need to Sign In or Sign Up on website.
  • Adds announcement bar on Admin pages when FREE access is not enabled.
  • Better error handling


  • Improved the getting started workflow.
  • Hide plugin settings and export options unless Enable FREE and Unlimited Access is enabled.